Cecily Vere

A witch from the Smoking City; Cecily wants to bring peace and law to Barva. No matter what the cost.


Cecily is a young half-elf whos appearance runs counter to her rough upbringing. She has a smooth tanned face and thick white hair that falls to the middle of her back. While she isn’t over weight, Cecily is very buxom and has learned a little cleavage makes her enchantments a little more effective. She is very curvy, and has what the locals call “child-bearing hips.”

Cecily prefers to dress in the typical Barvan style. She usually wears a linen shirt with a leather bodice. (With the top cord enticingly undone.) And keeps her legs covered in a few layered skirts. Cecily keeps her hair back with a simple kerchief. Despite her simple appearance, Cecily’s clothes are always immaculate and well made.

Cecily’s most unusual feature is the extra knuckle she has in each of her fingers. This makes her fingers much longer and spider-like than usual. (This was a modification she received from her patron, and were necessary for her to master the intricate motions required in enchantment magic.). She prefers to keep her hands behind her back or buried in her skirts as a result.

In person, Cecily has two personas: to her friends and superiors, she is harsh and no nonsense. Cecily has no problem pointing out the flaws in others and suggesting improvements. She also detests weakness and chaos, and is known throughout the Smoking City sewers for her lack of compassion and harsh but fair judgements.

To those she wants to deceive or impress, Cecily become the girl her past has denied her. Cheerful and flirty, she walks a fine line between the wholesomeness she cultivates and the smoldering sexuality she exudes. Cecily knows what makes the world works, and if men are foolish enough to think with their trousers; who is she to ignore an advantage?

And for those who truly get to know her, Cecily barely masks a fragility she would kill to deny. Even when acting as a cruel manipulator or a sultry seductress, Cecily is ultimately a little girl abandoned in the fires of the Smoking City.

Cecily Vere

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