General Lydia Werner

Don't mess with Barva.


Lydia Werner is the general of one of the five armies of Barva. She is a noblewoman who grew up in the Eagle’s Nest, surrounded by as much comfort and luxury as the war-torn country could afford. Always a bit too fierce for her soft-pated colleagues, Lydia nevertheless married in the court and seemed set to live the rest of her days in noble seclusion. It came, though, that the queen called on her nobles for a general to lead the Barvan army, which was then quickly disintegrating without proper leadership. Lydia’s husband. Elric, was called on, but he was terrified and refused. “Very well, then,” Lydia said. “I will go.” And she did.

The army still split into five factions, despite Lydia’s efforts, but hers is almost certainly the most disciplined and well-trained of the five. Her soldiers respect her and believe that she will win. Lydia and the other generals don’t get along.


General Lydia Werner

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