Ladies Three - Rara, Odelle, Brunhildt

Mother, maiden, crone.


In keeping with Barva’s fondness for triads, the Ladies Three are the keepers of the hidden valley, Eagle’s Nest. The Ladies Three always consist of three women, young, middle-aged, and old: a cleric of the Eagle, a cleric of the Bear, and a cleric of the Goat. Currently they are Rara, Odelle, and Brunhildt.


Lady Rara’s birth name was Mora Rahv, and some in the valley still call her that. That will fade in time, though, as Rara becomes more and more one of the Ladies Three in the minds of the people and her previous identity fades. Odelle and Brunhildt once had other names, too, but they are lost from memory.

The warnings of the Ladies Three are as follows.

The Goat: “Do not cross the mountain Goat. His sharp hooves will slice through your throat.”

The Bear: “If you displease the Winter Bear, you’ll soon be meat stored in her lair.”

The Eagle: “The Eagle’s wrath is worst of all. She’ll lift you high, then let you fall.”

These formal warnings are delivered to every newcomer to Eagle’s Nest and often repeated among the current inhabitants, as a reminder to respect the Ladies Three and the traditions of Barva. Under the dominion of the Ladies Three, not one spy has managed to infiltrate Eagle’s Nest and escape with their life to take the information back to Teischer. And many have tried.

Ladies Three - Rara, Odelle, Brunhildt

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