Lanliss Soll

Elf Wizard - Conjuration, Crafting, Creating.

Makes his own Scrolls and Wondrous Items
Specializes in Conjuration Spells
On a quest to learn more about Creatures, collect new spells, and find new techniques of crafting.
Lanliss Soll’s Character Sheet


For Thousands of Years there have been The Soll Family and the Amazing Magic Items they create.
The Soll Family has Many traditions, Four of which act as a blueprint for their lives.
First they train to be Wizards. Part of this tradition is that they use a Ring of Sustenance as their Bound Object. This is a tradition that is given a lot of credit for all the family’s success. The extra time given to the wizard to learn more, perfect their skills, and to craft better items. The Ring usually has a fox on it.
*Second, when their Wizard Training is complete, they start their quest for knowledge. They go out into the world to find new spells, and new ways to craft magical items.
*Third, they come home to work with the family and share their accumulated knowledge.
*Forth, they spend the rest of their lives crafting the Best Magic Items in the Land. Usually each person will focus on crafting one specific kind of Item, and craft that item very well.
Generations of Expert Craftsman have accumulated a very large family fortune. This fortune is never spent, it just keeps accumulating.
The Family Worships Hlagen, the Fox. The Family feels a strong connection to the fox. It is because of this that they have the quest for knowledge. Throughout the Family Estate, you will find Banners, Paintings, and the Occasional Statue devoted to the Fox. The Worship of the Fox is also reflected in the Traditional Bonded Ring. The Ring of Sustenance is crafted with the face of a fox. This Ring acts as a Divine Focus whenever a spell demands it.

Hi, My name is Lanliss Soll. I was born in Caylambra, as was every member of my family for thousands of years. Being a member of the Soll family, I had a very comfortable childhood. I grew up watching experts craft everything from Scrolls to Armor. My Expertise is crating Wonderous Items.

I am currently out in the world, “In search of New Magics and Crafting Techniques”. The truth of the matter is that I have become fascinated with all the marvelous creatures that I have come across since leaving home. They are amazing. I have added Creatures to my quest for knowledge with the excuse that studying these creatures may lead to some useful knowledge in regard to New Spells or Crafting.

Lanliss Soll

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