Queen Adelaide the First

The last queen standing.


Adelaide is a beautiful woman in whom all the best features of femininity seem perfectly balanced—beauty, strength, and wisdom. Her face is severe, with very patrician features, and her presence is commanding and charismatic. As the oldest child of the previous monarch, she is the supreme ruler of Barva, with her husband relegated to the role of royal consort.


Queen Adelaide the First was born into a country torn by war, and her greatest longing has always been for peace. Even in childhood, when training to be the next monarch, she sat in her father’s strategy meetings and advocated diplomacy over battle. No one listened to her then, and the war continued. Even now, the war continues under its own inertia, and most members of Adelaide’s court and council, including her husband, King Merick, believe that diplomacy is useless and Barva must continue to fight. General Werner believes in Adelaide’s mission to restore peace, but the other generals are less trustworthy. They will listen to Adelaide’s orders in terms of troop deployment, sometimes, but fail to understand and carry out any kind of larger strategy. Still, she has managed to contain them mainly to matters of defense, discontinuing the raids into Teischer that were common under her father.

Every night Queen Adelaide prays to the Golden Eagle for peace to come, promising to do whatever is needed to bring it about. She finally has a chance, and she has grabbed it with both hands.

Queen Adelaide the First

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