Uthar Madragos

He's here to proctor your test.


Uthar Madragos is a level 11 wizard of the Eagle concentrating in conjuration spells. His familiar is a giant eagle named Harax. He has been a hermit in the mountains of southern Barva for almost as long as he’s been alive. When the patrols sent out from the Eagle’s Nest found him, they took him for a madman and fought a fierce battle, but Uthar prevailed with his summoned creatures and his ability to soar out of reach on Harax. Eventually they decided that he was blessed by the Eagle, not least because he actually rode an eagle himself, and took him back to the queen for judgment. She was impressed and asked him to guard the Valley of Trials and devise difficult tasks for any comers who might find their way to the secret paths. With the blessings of his queen and the Barvan gods, Uthar did so, and he has been there ever since.


Uthar Madragos

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