Caylambra is a country comprised almost entirely of gnomes, though other races are welcome if they make an effort to integrate into society and don’t cause trouble. This is not the gnome homeland, but a country they built from the foundation up in order to fit their notions of what a successful nation should be.

Though Caylambra shares a border with both Teischer and Barva, it is much smaller than both, yet has managed to remain neutral in the war. Both sides at various times tried to bring Caylambra on to their side, particularly for the rich technological resources of the tiny nation. The gnomes, after all, were the people who invented gunpowder, firearms, and a host of other inventions that seem created specifically for war. Yet neither Barva nor Teischer has been able to take advantage of these advances, and they continue to fight mostly with more primitive weapons.

The Caylambran border is heavily guarded by both armed gnomes and clockwork creatures that watch the forest with jeweled eyes. Their cities are walled and incredibly well defended. They have accepted a few Barvan refugees, but only after heavy vetting. Still, some peasants who fled from the destruction of their homes have made a miserable life hiding deep in the Caylambran forests. Also, some elves from Teischer who have become weary of the place have built isolated conclaves in those woods, eschewing all contact with outsiders.

Caylambra is run by a council of twelve, a meritocracy in which each member is chosen for their contribution to gnomish society, whether by discovering new magics, creating an innovative and amazing invention, or adding something significant to scientific knowledge. The Beaver, god of industry and protection, is particularly favored here. They are also fond of the Stranger and the Fox, among other gods.


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