Each class is listed with the source of their power and a brief explanation of their role in the world of Middian.

Often gnome or dwarf, alchemists tend to be either lone “mad” scientists or are extremely focused on a community as a healer and supporter.

Martial/Divine or Arcane
These are disorganized warriors who tap into inherent powers of physicality. Special abilities may come from devotion to a god or to a pursuit of pure physical strength. Focused and intense, barbarians tend to be from less civilized areas.

Arcane or Divine
Bards are performers, magicians, and fighters. They often are leaders in this world. Their powers may come from the arcane world of Shadow, or by the favor of the god they worship. Because of the way they use arcane magic, bards are almost immune to Shadow corruption.

These are civilized martial fighters specializing in mounted combat and leadership. They tend to be part of organized military forces and work well with others.

Clerics follow their gods and protect their god’s followers, as well as others, depending on their god and their own proclivities. There are many, many clerics in this world.

Druids draw on the power of their god or gods as well as the general magical power of the world, the primal residue of creation. Unlike most citizens of the world, druids don’t have to be devoted to one particular god, but may worship many. Often regionally focused, they do not protect only nature, but all life. Druids do not worship gods of war, death, and technology. When making a druid, seriously consider which god or gods they would follow.

Fighers are well-trained, expert warriors. They are very common in Middian and may fill a number of roles.

Inquisitors tend to be investigators or enforcers for religious organizations. They can also be independent, though.

Monks are similar to paladins, but choose to focus on unarmed fighting instead of weapons and armor. Their devotion to their gods grants them their abilities. Monks in this world play a role more similar to a traditional western monk rather than eastern (e.g., Friar Tuck).

Oracles possess a clear perspective on the nature of the world which serves as both a boon and a curse. They tend to be either half-insane loners or part of a larger religious organization. All gods may call oracles.

Paladins can be devoted to any god or any ideal. Even the Frog may have paladins. The level of devotion required to become a paladin is common to all gods, and in Wrath & Gunfire, there are no alignment restrictions on paladins. (If an evil paladin is played, use the Antipaladin from the Advanced Player’s Guide.)

Rangers are expert warriors and trackers who can fill any number of roles. They often specialize in exploring the wilderness, and their god grants them special abilities in return for their devotion.

Some rogues may have minor arcane powers, but the majority of their abilities come from their physicality. They are one of the most common classes in Middian, along with clerics and fighters. The Duchy of Anvil is traditionally led by a rogue or someone with roguish proclivities. This class is extremely necessary in such a dangerous world. You should never assume that even a commoner doesn’t have a level or two of rogue.

Sorcerers are rare and many of them are evil. Arcane power, derived from the warped and alien world of Shadow, is very hard to control and quickly corrupts those who do not know what they are doing and what they are dealing with.

Arcane and Technology
Technology can help summoners control the danger of arcane power. They may be very susceptible to Shadow corruption, though, depending on the summoner’s character, strength of will, training, and what they are trying to do with their power.

Arcane or Divine
A witch’s powers can come from a god, or be derived from a patron who either exists in Shadow or comes directly from there. Good witches certainly exist, both arcane and divine, as well as evil ones. When creating a witch, consider very carefully which god or patron gives you your powers.

Because a wizard’s skill comes from intense training and study, they may have the best chance of escaping Shadow corruption. However, those that do become corrupted are incredibly dangerous and evil, beyond practically anything else in the entire world. Good and neutral wizards protect Middian from corrupted and evil arcane users, tracking them down and training those who will accept their help. Magical schools, though often run by wizards, accept all arcane users because of the extreme need for training and control. Wizards are a major source of technological development and advancement in all civilized nations.


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