The dwarves of Middian have no homeland and are mixed freely among the other peoples. While quite young, each dwarf begins to feel a strong urge to see the world, as much as they can of it, before they die. Some become traders, some warriors serving a country, some adventurers serving only themselves and their own wanderlust.

Because of this racial heritage, the dwarves long ago founded the Dwarven Legionnaires, an organization for all dwarves who wish to travel the world. They have headquarters in every major city where members can stay the night, heal up, or find a local job to earn money to keep wandering. Other races are also welcome to join the Legionnaires, but the bulk of the members are dwarves.

The dwarves favor Armadillo, the wandering god.

Dwarven Wanderlust

Early in his wanderings, Rolander the Armadillo found a small race who, like he, had a love for stone. In his travels he came to their lands for only one day a year. It took him many years to be able to ask them what they called themselves. They were dwarves.

Every year both the Armadillo and the dwarves looked forward to their meeting. But each year it was cut short by the Armadillo’s wandering.

“Why are you always moving, great Armadillo?” they asked.

“Because I must deliver the messages that stones have for each other,” he replied.

“Please, can you not stay with us this evening at least?”

“No, I must keep moving, but I do so love talking to you.”

“We enjoy speaking with you as well, great Armadillo.”

And so they continued talking, and the dwarves followed the Armadillo. For five days the dwarves spoke with the Armadillo, until finally they looked around and found that they were lost. They could not remember the way home. Taking pity on them, the Armadillo said, “I cannot take you home now, but I will protect you if you stay with me, and in one year you shall all be home.”

So they did. The year went by quickly, and the dwarves were soon home. They bid the Armadillo thanks and told him how excited they were to see him next year. In the year he was gone the dwarves grew restless. They had seen much of the world when they traveled with the Armadillo. So when he returned he found only a few dwarves remaining.

“We have taken after you, great Armadillo. We have gone to see the world. The few of us here now have waited to tell you. Thank you for showing us the world. It is a gift we will never forget.”

And they never have. Even now dwarves hold a festival on the day the Armadillo used to visit them on. The Wanderlust Festival is one of the most important days in the dwarven year.


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