Gnomes in Middian are inquisitive and greedy for knowledge to the point of obsession. Like the Prism, they’re interested in everything. But they don’t just want to know a little about everything. They want to know everything about everything.

Gnomes truly love each other’s company, because they know that other gnomes are just as eager for information as they are, and will have a lot to share. If a gnome meets a gnome after not seeing each other for while, they’ll spend hours talking about all they’ve learned in the meantime. Gnomes appreciate meeting other people, too, because everyone has something new to share. This is also the motivation behind the formation of the gnome country, Caylambra. How better to share knowledge and keep building it than a nation that is devoted to the pursuit?

In every gnome village, or even village that had a relatively high percentage of gnomes, there is a clamshell-shaped stage. When a gnome has learned something new or interesting, he’ll let people know that he’s going to give a talk about it at a certain time. All the gnomes of the area will come to the stage to listen while the speaker expounds. These talks will take hours and hours. Outsiders will see the stage and think that it’s for theater and entertainment, but no, it’s all lectures. Which is entertainment from a gnomish point of view.

This greed for knowledge is also a weakness. It can lead to a gnome being incredibly controlling and maniacal, in a mad-scientist sort of way. Like any hunger, it can become an addiction.

Gnomes prefer gods of knowledge and craftsmanship: the Stranger, the Prism, the Fox, the Beaver. Regional and occupational gods also have a place.


Wrath & Gunfire: The Barvan Campaign LauraFischer