Halflings in Middian are almost all nomadic traders. They used to have a home island, but it was destroyed. Some say it happened in the cataclysm when the Leviathan was forced into the sea, others that the Whirlwind unleashed an earthquake on a whim.

The halflings as a race therefore carry a sense of wistful sadness with them everywhere they go. At various times, groups have tried to settle down in a new place and make a new home, but it never felt right. Still, the connection to where they’ve been is very important to them.

At each stop in their endless journey, halflings pick up a unique stone. Craftsmen polish and carve these stones into decorations, and halflings wear them in their hair. The stones in a halfling’s hair tell the story of where they’ve been, and the mark of a well-traveled nomad is a particularly spectacular coif.

The wreckage of the halflings’ ruined homeland still exists, somewhere out there in the ocean, but it seems to relocate at the Leviathan’s chaotic whim and is very hard to find. A particular point of pride and spiritual fulfillment for a halfling is to find the lost homeland and retrieve a stone to wear in their hair. Such stones will be passed down for generations, but naturally receiving a stone from a parent does not bear quite the mark of prestige as finding one for yourself.

Halflings are fond of gods of travel like the Armadillo and the Eagle, who they feel a kinship with, since she has been wounded by fate just as they have been. They also worship the Leviathan and the Whirlwind with fear, and sea-going halflings pay fealty to the Dolphin and the Shark.


Wrath & Gunfire: The Barvan Campaign LauraFischer