Madrossinian Orcs

In Middian, the orcs have formed a civilization, a small but strong nation, following the teachings of a great orcish leader, Madross. They are Madrossinian orcs. Middian no longer has evil orcs as in other worlds, except for Madrossinian orcs who have gone bad.

To the Madrossinian orcs, the civilization they have gained is paramount. They prize honor and spiritual fulfillment, with many an orc taking a spiritual journey in search of further enlightenment. Of particular delight to them is the culinary arts, which almost every Madrossinian at least dabbles in, and they enjoy the discovery of new herbs and spices, new recipes, new methods of cooking.

They are terrified of falling back into darkness, to the point that it’s almost a weakness, a point where they can be manipulated by others. And not without cause. Those Madrossinian orcs who do turn to evil are some of the worst villains Middian has ever seen. This would be someone who had most likely been raised by parents to believe that civilization is the highest goal, the sweetest heritage, the worthy and honorable thing and that which requires the most tenacious protection. That someone raised like this would choose to revert to savagery (or have it forced on them) is a truly terrible thing. It’s not even that he or she would be an outcast from the other Madrossinian orcs—they would be a symbol of fear, the worst thing that could happen. This is the bogeyman of their culture, only worse, because they recognize the bogeyman’s face.

Madrossinian orcs favor the Wolf and other gods of civilization, order, and law.

Madrossinian Orcs

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