Sonnigland Regional Traits

Barvan Tenacity – Barvans are raised to be stubborn and independent. Being from Barva gives you a +1 bonus (untyped, permanent) to your will save.

Teischen Chivalry – Many people in Teischer live by a code of chivalry. Being from Teischer gives you a +2 bonus to Diplomacy when speaking to someone of the opposite sex.

Caylambran Ingenuity – Citizens of Caylambra believe in the importance of all types of knowledge. Being a Caylambran gives you a +1 competence bonus to a knowledge skill of your choice, which is then a permanent class skill.

Souvignese Sophistication – Souvigneau is a very civilized and advanced nation. Being Souvignese gives you a +2 bonus to your Profession.

Stranger in a Strange Land – Those from outside Sonnigland will have to be quick on their feet when they find themselves in this war-torn continent. Being from somewhere else gives you a +1 bonus to reflex saves.

Sonnigland Regional Traits

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