Teischer is a densely forested nation with a strongly set chivalry code and strict nobility and order of command. The population is about 60/40 humans and elves. Elves are well-integrated into society and there’s no racial unrest, at least on the surface. In fact, many Elven families are part of the noble hierarchy, significantly the Lofgren house.

As of right now, the Teischen king has been assassinated in the course of the war with Barva. There’s no proof of who did it, but of course it only fuels the toxic sort of patriotism and lust for war. There is a boy king and an elf regent.

Before the war, Teischer was one of the major powers in the world. The constant fighting with Barva, though, has strained their resources and reduced their standing among the other nations. Though their country has not been as obviously, physically ravished as Barva, the war has caused other kinds of destruction, including a rising social unrest and crisis among the nobility about whether this ancient code of chivalry is really so important, after all.

Many in Teischer favor the Wolf, god of honorable war, while others prefer the Leviathan, the mad god of power and magic. Those who adhere to the code of chivalry revere the Heron. The other gods also have a place, though, especially gods of death like the Bear and the Stranger.


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