The Rabbit and the Cricket

Once many years ago the Snake had cast a great spell, an insidious spell. The voice of every good creature was hushed, and the snake’s hisses echoed through the air. As the spell took hold the frog rushed to see the snake.

“My dear snake, you have quieted the world for me. All hear my songs without interruption.”

“Then Sssing, my frogish friend. Let the world be wrapped up in your maddness.”

“Oh dear, you have brought me such joy. I will Sing forever!”

The frog sang and his song began warping the world. Madness ruled, and virtue withered. So the fox and heron met together to find a solution. Their voices were soft barely able to speak.

“It is that evil song, again dear sister. I’d hoped he had forgotten it.” said the heron.

“His maddness forgets nothing. He taunts us with its power now, and we are unable to sing our response. Our voices grow too hoarse.”

“That is a shame my ladies,” Said the Rabbit. “You had quite a beautiful song. I so enjoyed hearing it.”

“You sneak up upon us as always Rabbit, but you come to comfort us. For that I thank you.” Said the Heron.

“But now we wish we could silence the frog,” said the Fox.

“My ladies, it pains me to see you in such a state. I will silence the Frog and bring beauty back to your faces.”

“Do not tease us, Rabbit,” said the Fox.

“I tease you not. I will silence the Frog and you may reward me kindly.”

“If you can silence him we will give you one favor to do with as you choose rabbit,” said the Heron.

And so the Rabbit went. He hopped away to find the Frog and request his silence. Following his twisted song the Rabbit quickly found the Frog.

“Frog!” yelled the Rabbit. “I have a challenge for you. Your song is quite good but I know better!”

“You foolish rabbit are challenging My song? What do I gain if I win this challenge?”

“I will be your humble servant.”

“What do you gain if I lose?”

“You must stop singing this song of yours.”

The frog laughed, for he knew the snake had taken the voice of all the creatures. Who could sing better than he? Even the rabbit was surely hoarse.

“Fine I agree,” said the frog. “Meet me back here at noon tomorow.”

So the Rabbit went off to practice his singing. That was when he found he had no voice. He could speak but not sing, certainly not well enough to defeat the frog. But then he heard a song, a very familiar song, and he followed it. He ran across they dieing fields and through the withering forests untill he found a small patch of green and verdant grass. The Rabbit looked closely till he saw the one creature inhabiting it. On a long blade of grass there was a Cricket.

“Well hello little cricket.” Said the Rabbit.

“Hello yourself great rabbit!” said the Cricket. “What brings you to my doorstep?”

“I heard your song, where did you learn it?”

“I listened to the Heron and Fox one day. I tried to memorize their song, but i was too slow. So I had to write the rest of my own.”

“How is it Cricket that you have not lost your voice?”

“I have lost my voice. I must yell to be heard now.” said the cricket. “But I do not sing with my voice. Who could hear a Cricket singing even when I had it. No I sing a different way.”

Then the Cricket took his legs and rubbed them together and the sweetest melody poored off them.

“My dear Cricket, do you know the Frog?”

“Yes, he chases me down to eat me. He hates my song.”

“Then I propose a partnership. Tomorow I must compete against him in song if you will help me I will protect you.”

“Agreed great Rabbit.”

And so the day of the contest arrived.

“We both have heard your song,” said the Rabbit. “Perhaps all we need to hear is mine.”

“Well carry on!” Cried the frog.

And then the Cricket’s song jumped from the Rabbit’s mouth. It was a song of such beauty that the grass around him began to grow and the trees blossomed.

“What sorcery is this!” Cried the frog. “I hate you rabbit for silencing my song.”

With that the Frog ran away. Then the cricket jumped out of the Rabbit’s mouth.

“Thank you for helping me silence him, Cricket.” Said the Rabbit. “I have somthing special for you, if you will but follow me.”

So the cricket did. And once the Rabbit came back to the Fox and Heron he found their voices returning, the spell that silenced them could not continue without the frog’s song.

“My ladies, truly I wish that I had won this contest but no it was my friend the Cricket. You should give him your favor,” said the Rabbit.

“I would never know what to do with such a thing,” said the Cricket.

“Then we shall pick for you,” said the Heron. “If my sister will allow it I think that you should remain here, with the gods.”

“Yes you are a precious creature who remembered our song in the midst of darkness. You are surely a god like us, you just did not know it. Please stay with us and do not fear the frog again.”

And that is exactly what the cricket did.

The Rabbit and the Cricket

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